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Vanilla Snowflakee

Vanilla Snowflakee

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  • Vanilla Snowflake is a unique, winter-inspired fragrance that blends creamy vanilla, cool spearmint and subtle coconut notes with an elegant backdrop of fresh woods. Enjoy a special seasonal scent that's sure to add warmth and coziness to any space
    Compare to Bath + Body Works
    Top - Mint
    Middle - Coconut
    Bottom - Vanilla, Teakwood
    Flashpoint: 200F
    Phthalate Free
    Vanillin: 1-<5%
    Ethyl Vanillin: 10-<20%
    Skin Safe

Middleman Direct Purchasing does not exchange Fragrances or give refunds based on whether or not you like the scent.  So please remember that when purchasing.  The only time they will be replaced is if the bottle is damaged and I know it was my fault.  If it was the courier or canada posts fault I will for sure be filing a claim so you get your money back


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